Height:  6'1"           Weight:  195 lbs.            Hair:   Blonde          Eyes:   Blue

Film:                                  Role:                                Director:

Gone Girl                                   Supporting                        David Fincher/20th Century FOX

How To Completely Disappear     Supporting                        Charlie Polinger/Short                And Never Be Found

Lonesome Town                          Supporting                        Roxine Helberg/Short

A Waltz In The Doldrums             Supporting                        Robert Mai/Short

Deep Six                                     Lead                                 Asher Frankfurt/Short


Available Upon Request

Professional Actor Training:              Coach:                    Location:

On-Camera Advanced Audition Technique  Robin Myers             Hollywood, CA             Margie Haber Stuio

On-Camera Advanced Scene Study            Rob Adler                  Hollywood, CA               Adler Improv Studio

Adler Advanced Improvisation                   Rob Adler                 Los Angeles, CA              Aaron Speiser Acting Studio           

Loren E. Chadima Intentional               Loren Chadima              North Hollywood, CA          On-Camera Acting Workshops

Killian McHugh On-Camera                     Killian McHugh            Hollywood. CA                       Commercial Acting Workshops

Andrea Morris On-Camera                      Andrea Morris              Los Feliz, CA                        Audition Technique

Margie Haber Studio                              Eden Bernardy             Los Angeles, CA                  On-Camera Advanced Intensive Cold Reading - Audition Technique

Aaron Speiser Acting Studio                     Deborah Barylski        Los Angeles, CA               Cold Reading - Audition Technique

Aaron Speiser Acting Studio                     Aaron Speiser             Los Angeles, CA             Advanced Scene Study

Aaron Speiser Acting Studio                     Fred Tucker               Los Angeles, CA              Cold Reading Technique

Aaron Speiser Acting Studio                     Susan Rumer              Los Angeles, CA              Acting Technique

Aaron Speiser Acting Studio                     Lew Callihan               Los Angeles, CA           Police Tactical Training for Film and TV

Improv Olympic West (IO)                        Sarah Gee                   Hollywood, CA               Improv

Alison Mcbryde Acting Workshop               Alison E. McBryde       Valley Village, CA              Cold Reading         

Bobby Shaw Chance Actor's Workshop        Richie Chance             Sherman Oaks, CA            Cold Reading/Scene Study

Jill Alexander's On-Camera Commercial      Jill Alexander             Silverlake, CA              Workshops Intensive

Daphne Kirby Commercial Workshops         Daphne Kirby              Valley Village, CA

Special Skills:

Athletic, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf, Swimming, Billiards, Biking, Track & Field, Bowling, Volleyball, Fishing, Weight Lifting, Frisbee, Hiking, Club Dancing, Firearms Experience and Police Tactical Training, CA Drivers License, Precision Driver, Drive a Stick Shift

Education/Additional Experience:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN. Uber Select Driver, Corporate Sales Executive, Real Estate Agent, Stand-In on Studio Movies and Network/Cable Television Series