Gone Girl                                   Supporting                        20th Century FOX/David Fincher

How To Completely Disappear     Supporting                        AFI/Short

Lonesome Town                          Supporting                        AFI/Short

A Waltz In The Doldrums             Supporting                        Short

Deep Six                                     Lead                                 Short

Training and Education: 

Margie Haber Master Class On-Camera Audition/Cold Read Technique (Margie Haber) (Robin Myers) 2017 - Ongoing       

Adler Improv Advanced Improv/On-Camera Scene Study (Rob Adler)

Aaron Speiser Acting Studio - Advanced Scene Study/On-Camera Cold Reading/Acting Technique/Police Tactics for Actors (Aaron Speiser) 

Killian Commercial Workshop (Killian McHugh)          

Jill Alexander Commercial Workshop (Jill Alexander)   

Special Skills:

Basketball, Football, Swimming, Biking, Weight Lifting, CA Drivers License